Why your teen needs a life coach

Why your teen needs a life coach

Parents: Why Your Teen Needs a Life Coach

Let’s face it, high school can be tough for any student. Students must try to manage their time among schoolwork, sports, friendships, hobbies, projects, family time, and so on. They also must deal with the social pressures—online and off—of fitting in that may involve problems and obstacles that stand in the way of their success. With all that teens must deal with, they can often feel burned out leaving some with a sense of unfulfillment. This can result in lack of motivation with symptoms of low to no interest in learning, contentious relationships, stress, anxiety, and so on.

Life Coaching Can Help in the Following Ways:

Time Management

If you were to poll 100 parents and ask them to rate their teens’ time management skills, 99% would say “needs improvement.” That’s when you know it’s time to learn time management! There is a reason that college students struggle with the same problem. A life coach can help your teen develop a plan to succeed in all areas, thus, developing a sense of fulfillment.

Self Esteem/Confidence

It’s quite normal for students to value their friends’ opinion more than their parents. You may think the world of your child but if his or her peers think differently, then it’s possible your child might see themselves as having less value.  A life coach is not only a positive voice to remind your teen of their unique and special ability, we also identify and challenge the negative self-talk that allowed them to think less of themselves in the first place.

Goal Setting/Problem Solving

Teens generally know what they like—well, sort of! What you will find is most are not clear on what they want. Life coaches will help your teen create a plan to achieve each goal he or she desires. Also, life coaches will help problem solve issues to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of their success.

I Can Do This Myself! Why Do I Need a Life Coach?

Life coaching can help your teen navigate life as a high schooler. It will be one of the best investments you can make as a parent. Sure, you can help your teen with all these issues, and you should! It’s obvious you can help them with the complexity of maintaining healthy relationships. You can do all these things, but I have a few questions for you. Even if you found the time and the energy to help your teen through all the pressures of high school, would they allow you to help them? Would they listen to you? Would they take your advice?

Sometimes, teens need to hear the same thing you’ve been preaching to them from someone else! Perhaps they just need to hear it in a different way. Who knows? The point is that it won’t hurt to plant more than one seed of wisdom and guidance into an ever-developing mind!

Wasn’t there a time when you didn’t understand what life lesson(s) your parent or guardian was trying to teach you until later in life? Chances are you probably had to hear it more than once, and from other people too. Consider investing in a life of fulfillment with a life coach!

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