I’m sure you have seen this tag on all of my posts. It may seem as a simple statement but in reality its so much more.

I created #SmileInOut because I am an orthodontist and a life coach. As an orthodontist, I focus on creating smiles on the outside. As a life coach, I focus on creating smiles on the inside.

But Why Should You Should Start SmileInOut?

Because there are problems and you should just smile through them all.

The smiles we see on the outside are not always what’s occurring on the inside. Look at social median for instance. On social media, you see many who only smile on the outside. They only post pictures when they are having fun or doing something really exciting. If you follow that person, it would appear that their life is perfect. It seems as though they’re always happy, but if you look behind the scenes, you may see conflict, anxiety, and stress.

Too many are relying on outside factors to bring them happiness. They smile when they get compliments, praise, gifts, and awards as well as the “yes” and likes; but what about the times criticism comes? Are you smiling? What about when you fail or when you hear the word no. Are you smiling? If you rely on factors outside of yourself, then your happiness will be based on luck.

#SmileInOut is a statement that says I am committed to developing my smile inside first. #SmileInOut doesn’t rely on outside factors. In fact, #SmileInOut is best tagged in posts where it would seem as though you shouldn’t smile.

You lost a game. #SmileInOut.

You had a rough morning. #SmileInOut.

Your friends just dumped you. #SmileInOut.

You’re grounded. #SmileInOut.

When you tag #SmileInOut, you are telling the world that this outside factor will not hinder your smile on the inside. In fact use that negative experience on the outside to help improve your smile on the inside.

Join the #SmileInOut movement. Constantly work on the inner you so you can become the person that you want the world to see.

Think to yourself; I can dig it. This is real. I might actually do this!
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