Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome To My Blog!

Hi! My name is Remigius but my patients call me Dr. RJ. I am an orthodontist. I straighten teeth for a living.

I decided to become an orthodontist when I was in high school. I am the type of person that wants everyone to be happy. So when I sat with my high school counselor to talk about what degree I wanted to pursue in college, I had no idea. I just told her that I like to make people happy and that wanted to make the world smile.

My counselor gave me two options:
  1. Become a comedian
  2. Become an orthodontist

Although my counselor gave me great advice, she never mentioned a third option to making the world smile, and that’s becoming a life coach.

What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is similar to your football, lacrosse, or baseball coach.

We teach you the skills to help you succeed.

While a lacrosse coach will teach you skills necessary to win games, a life coach will teach the skills that are necessary to win in the game of life.

While an orthodontist create flawless smiles, a life coach helps you realize the power of smiling.

And so, I also became a life coach, but not just any life coach. Specifically, a teen success and leadership coach.

Learning to Be Happy

The best way to spread happiness is to help teens get what they want.

I believe getting what you want, achieving goals, and pursuing your passions is what happiness is all about. So my goal is to help you succeed in every area of your life.

I want you to have success in school, in sports, and with your family and friends. I want you to have success in your hobbies and interests. I want you to get everything you want and desire.

The key to all of this success comes down to leadership.

Teaching Leaders How to Lead

The fact is you are a leader and even if you do not realize it. You have influence over everyone around you. You influence your parents, your friends, your classmates, your teachers, and your coaches.

Leadership is influence.

With leadership, we begin with the inside. How you influence yourself will ultimately determine how you will influence others. Improving as a leader starts with improving yourself.

I will primarily be talking to the age range of 12-18. However, I welcome anyone to join us. After all, as I already mentioned, my desire is to make the world smile.

In this blog, I will share tips, tools, and strategies on how to be a great leader because your leadership will ultimately determine your success which will ultimately determine your level of happiness.

Leave a comment below. What’s your name and which school do you attend?

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