Parents Coaching Program

Lifetalk: Q&A with Dr. RJ

05/16/2021- Teens and their responsibilities

05/09/2021- How to be Bully-proof

05/02/2021- Rules, Rules, and More Rules

04/25/21 – How to Overcome Laziness

04/18/21 The Importance of Positive Emotions

04/11/21- How to Change a Limiting Belief

04/04/2021- How to be Likeable

03/28/21 – The Power of Positivity

03/14/21 – The Purpose of Your Past

03/07/2021 – Time Management

02/28/21 – How to overcome Hopelessness and Helplessness

02/19/2021 – How to Decrease Anger

02/14/2021 – The perfect life

02/05/2021 – 5 Strategies in Life

01/31/2021 – Past, Present, Future

01/29/2021 – How to Win the Subconscious Battle

01/22/2021 – How to Overcome Sadness and Anger

1/17/2021 – How to Master Motivation

01/08/2021 – Networking vs Friendships

12/13/2020 – How to Handle Certain Situations

12/11/2020 – Talk to Yourself

12/6/2020 – How to prevent Drepression

12/4/2020 – How to get what you want

11/20/2020 – Strategies 101

11/18/2020 – Goal Setting 101

11/15/2020 – Belief Statement

11/13/2020 – Wants to Goals

11/08/2020 – Short-term Goals & Happiness

11/06/2020 – Time Management

10/30/2020 – Personalities

10/25/2020 – How to get what you want part 2

10/23/2020 – Believing In Yourself

10/18/2020 -How to get what you want part 1

10/16/20 – How to Overcome Disappointment

10/11/20 – Importance of Wants

10/09/20- How to Make Friends

10/2/20 – How to Stop Procrastinating

9/25/20 – Purpose of Emotions

09/18/20 – Thoughts 101

09/13/20- The Secrets of Motivation

Weekly Training Videos

Journey to Life Coaching

Confidence & Life Coaching

The Importance of Confidence

Week 1 Homework

Week 1 Conclusion

Importance of Confidence

Definition of Confidence

Homework: Define Confidence

Introverts vs. Extroverts

How Confident Are You?

Homework: Your Current Beginning

Week 2 Conclusion


Your Mind

Homework: Mental Focus

Effects of Thoughts

Mind Control

Human Nature

Discovering Your Carrot

Homework: Your Carrot



Alternative to Carrots

Homework: Alternative to Carrots

How to Use Your Mind

Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions

Beliefs vs Facts

Homework: Your Beliefs

Empowering vs Limiting


Extra Credit: Limiting Beliefs Seminar



Homework: Movement

Shifting Your Focus

Homework: Shifting Your Focus


Homework: Gratitude


Homework: Visualization

Guessing Correctly

Homework: Guessing Correctly


Extra Credit: School Success- Interpretations



The Secret to Motivation

Reprogramming Your Mind

Homework: Chores

Who is in Control?

Homework: Pay Attention


Homework: Expectations



Mind vs Strategy

3 C’s of Confidence

Social Confidence

Homework: Social Confidence

Next Level Confidence

Homework: Next Level Confidence


Discovering Your Villain

Homework: Villains


Extra Credit: Villains


Mind Games

Worst Case Scenario


Blue Lobster

Fixing the Past

Getting what you want