The Missing Piece to Your Success

The Missing Piece to Your Success

We all know what it takes to be successful:

  • A good idea. Check!
  • Belief. Check!
  • Motivation. Check!
  • Action. Check!

If we all know what it takes, then why do we sometimes fail to reach our goal? Why haven’t we gotten all of our wants and desires? What’s stopping us towards becoming successful?

Connecting with Success

Connecting with the right people is the key to your success.

These types of people are the classmates you don’t talk to or dislike. It’s the stranger that you’re rude to. It’s the teacher you hope not to get next year. It’s the janitor that you never notice. It’s the nerd or the jock that you have nothing in common with.

It’s the people you ignore.

These people are the missing piece to your success for three reasons:

  1. That person is rarer than the rarest gem, oftentimes with better information than Google! Furthermore, that person is made up of a unique combination of experiences.
  2. Some personalities can bring out the best of your qualities. It’s not always the people you enjoy hanging out with. It can be a person who you believe is annoying or boring that propels you toward reaching your goal. Maybe you’re quiet and shy. Maybe, your missing piece is the person who will bring out your more assertive side. Maybe you’re confident and outgoing. Your missing piece could be a person who will bring out your calmer and subdued side. These types of personalities may be what you need to get what you want.
  3. These people also have a network of friends and family. You never know who they may know. You may have a dream, desire, or goal that relies on who you know more than what you know. This is usually the case for any big dream. So why ignore certain people? Why be rude and dislike someone? Why not talk to all of your classmates? Go out of your way to speak to a person you feel is not so cool. You never know who they may know that knows someone who will help you achieve your dream.

If you have a dream, a goal, or desire that you have not reached yet, then look to the person you ignore. Look to the person whom you may dislike. Sit with the person at lunch who most people consider a loser.

Get to know the people who are most unlike you.

  • You have a great idea. Check!
  • You believe that you will succeed. Check!
  • You are motivated to pursue your goal. Check!
  • You take action towards your goal. Check!

The next step is to treat everyone as if they were your missing piece to success.

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